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GCDD Group is an Austin-based planning, design and real estate development firm that creates and improves a diversity of housing products and meaningful investments for homeowners, local and international investors through providing fully comprehensive services that include all aspects of building design.


We believe in the development of the urban core as a sustainable strategy to improve the quality of life in our cities.


Organized as a collaborative group, our services include all aspects of residential building and design – ranging from market research, property investment and design to strategic planning, project management, development and construction. 


Our knowledge in sustainability, planning and design allows us to perform a rigorous real estate analysis to develop holistic projects that provide clients and investors high quality design and maximizes their investment. 


Our investment approach is specifically aimed at innovative housing properties located in high population growth, culturally attractive neighborhoods within the urban infill areas in the main cities of the Central Texas region. This means that all the projects we build are in neighborhoods where demand is strong and new supply is constrained.


We provide personalized support, competent expertise and technical guidance to our clients to achieve sustainability through the highest quality of design paying great attention to the intrinsic value of the properties we work in.

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